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Professional Mobile Grooming

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Professional Mobile Dog Grooming
covering Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

Services offered by The K9 Kabin Mobile Dog Grooming                    

Only professional dog grooming products are used tailored to your dog's coat type. 


Bath and dry which includes ear cleaning and nail clipping, anal glands.

Full groom to include the above and clipping, scissoring to the breed standard.


I begin by giving your dog a quick health check.  I check the ears, eyes, nose, mouth/teeth, body, legs, tail, feet, anal area.  Why? To make sure that there are no abnormalities that the owner is not aware of i.e. cysts, lumps, bumps, sores, fleas etc and to check that if there are any existing issues, they have not become worse.

I brush out your dog's coat to remove any small knots and then it is into the lovely warm Hydrobath.


The Hydrobath is more than a regular bath because the shampoo is added to the water collection tank and it therefore mixes with the water and is sprayed at pressure, penetrating through the dog's coat and onto the skin where most problems occur.  Depending on the products used, they may help cure or prevent skin infections or kill fleas and other parasites.  A Hydrobath with warm water can help prevent arthritis through the massaging effect of the Hydrobath. Whilst your dog is in the Hydrobath I will empty the anal glands.


A blaster is used to literally blast the excess water out of the coat.  A warm finishing dryer is then used to completely dry the coat.  Whilst many dogs will tolerate a blaster, I will use my discretion and will not use it if the the blaster if the dog is either too small and/or too nervous.


The last thing to do after drying/styling (clipper/scissor) is to clip the nails and finish with a spritz of doggy cologne... oh and of course a treat!!!

This boy had just had the blaster used on him and you can see how the much water has been removed from the coat.